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15 September 2006
The recording process has ground to a halt at this point. approximately half of the material for the EP has been recorded during August, but nothing has been recorded in the last couple of weeks. But hopefully the recording will be complete within the next month. There will be a cover song on the EP, as well as a reworked version of an older Tyvragen track. The release date for the moment is some time during november, or december.

14 August 2007
I have started to record the new EP, one song is completely done. I am fairly happy with the way it turned out; everything except the vocals turned out fine. The working title for this is Remember, and it will be dedicated to someone very special.

7 August 2007
Tyvragen is going to return to active duty in the next few weeks. with at least one recording session planned, something will be recorded at the end of this spur, even if it will not be enough to release.

6 June 2006
The split is out now! Contact me, or Samizdat. Same prices, same everything. For the nearest future, there is no plans to record anything as Tyvragen, but the band is not split up. Whenever tyvragen songs will start coming out of me, I''ll record them, but for now, I''m not feeling it. I will be involved with some other bands, that will release stuff through Samizdat in the near future, and maybe that will give me inspiration for tyvragen.. we''ll see.

1 June 2006
The split is going to be released on 6.6.6! pre-orders are now being taken at samizdat.records AT gmail DOT com. On pre-orders only, get free shipping! The price is $5 canadian, and $4 US/Euro.

15 May 2006
The split tape is getting mastered today and tomorrow. The final track listing will be: naemnik - drummachine apocalypse - untitled short - drummachine apocalypse - untitled long - golodnaya notch - betrug - insel - untitled - interlude - naemnik. With tracks 1-5 being Janjaweed, tracks 6-11 being Tyvragen.

2 May 2006
Yeah.. the split is still in the works. No time frame for now when it''ll be done.

1 April 2006
Golodnaya Notch is going to be rereleased as a split with Janjaweed on tape (still on Samizdat Records). Janjaweed''s side will be a compilation of rehearsal tracks. My side will include Betrug as a bonus track. It should be out by mid-april.

22 March 2006
It''s finally happenned! Golodnaya Notch is getting rereleased on Samizdat Records. It will come with a different artwork, and several bonus tracks. It should be done by early april.

11 February 2006
Tyvragen is on an on-off-again hiatus. I write a line there a riff here, but nothing solid. As usual, theres a bunch of possible names, and themes for future release(s). However, no matter what, the NEXT release im gonna do is going to be dedicated to a very special person (R.I.P.).
There is also the possibility of this band seizing to exsist or morphing into something else.

30 July 2005
Looks like ill make a reissue of the reh. tape, because i ran out of copies before everyone i wanted to give it got it. Baaaaad planning from my side.
Right now i am deciding whether to record another rehearsal, or just some bonus tracks to release together with the reissue.

28 July 2005
The rehearsal was recorded today. A total of 9 songs, sicking in at just under 10 minutes. Tracklisting: Golodnaya Notch - Betrug - Insel - Untitled - Worse - Interlude - Darkest Side Up - Les (Gr.Ob. cover) - Haemnik. The title is Golodnaya Notch (rehearsal tape 07.05), limited to 6 hand numbered copies. Contact me for any if interested (tyvragen@yandex.ru).

27 July 2005
I am planning to record todays rehearsal, and release it as a limited rehearsal tape. The title will be Golodnaya Notch (rehearsal tape 07.05).

17 July 2005
Once again a change in the future of the new demo. Right now I''m planning to record it in the next few weeks, and release it as a (limited) 7 inch.

07 June 2005
I decided to re-call all the copies of Leipasuo and Broken War single and demo respectively. The reason being that no copies were sold until now, and I dont want to be selling them anymore, seeing how they dont represent today''s sound of Tyvragen.
In other news, the new demo is not coming along very well. Not very well at all. I seem to have lost mst of the music and lyrics i wrote for it, before i recorded it.

18 April 2005
The title of the next demo is now officially changed to hagalaz nauthiz. the song Sever might not appear on it though, because so far it does not fit in with the rest of the songs... oh, and the lyrics on this demo are going to revovle around various historic events. I also might ressurect Leipasuo, from Broken War demo, and include a different version of it on this demo.

P.S. I just realized that I never announced the release of the Es Tut Mir Weh demo! Well.. it was released on december 31st 2004, and includes only one tracks: Betrug. Also, this is (so far) an internet-only release.

31 March 2005
I''m considering to change the title of the demo to hagalaz nauthiz, and make it more black metal-like. But im not sure yet if ill change the title from boloto. We''ll see. Some working song titles (for now): Lindesfarne, Sever, and Hagalaz. End communication.

14 March 2005
I started work on my next demo. A bunch of lyrics has been written, and one song is done. The working title (for now) is boloto. More news to come soon. Maybe.

9 March 2005
Someone (Lord Phoulfingers) recorded a cover version of Betrug. A version that is almost five times longer then the original. Grim. You can download it in the download section...

21 February 2005
Corrected some news... And some links... What was I thinking?!

11 February 2005
Yesterday I added a guest book, so go ahead, knock yourselves out writing... stuff... in it.

09 January 2005
Happy new year to everyone.
I began writing new material, to be released relatively soon (hopefully). And thats about it for now.

30 december 2004 (yet)
after a hiatus, this band is active again, currently recording a one song demo, exclusively for an internet release. the song is going to be ''dedicated'' to a band, that in order to get some tr00 and grim points, is only allowing their lyrics to be published on their official website. FUCK YOU POSEUR BLACK METAL!!!
in other news, Mercenary, and Ancestors are not going to be released under the Tyvragen banner. Mercenary is now in the repertoire of another of my bands (Janjaweed), and Ancestors is going to remain unreleased for now.

16 september 2004
everyone, rejoice! Two new songs are complete. the complete songs are entitled: Родичи (Ancestors) and Наёмник (Mercenary). Both of them will be included on the new demo. Surprisingly enough both of the new songs have lyrics. There is a chance of having this demo commemorate one year anniversary of this bands'' existance, and be released on 14th of december.

12 september 2004
Work has begun on a new demo. So far one song is finished. This demo will be MUCH more black metal, with various influences. Also I am currently considering recording a cover song for the demo. I expect this to be released by november-december. Though this is not a promise, and the release date could be much sooner, or just as well much later. I havent completely abondoned the idea of having vocals with my work, though no matter what, the voice will be used as just another instrument, and wont be a major part of the song or the band.

23 july 2004
Been a while since i last updated. Both, the demo and the single are now released, and can be ordered by email tyvragen@yandex.ru. Price varies depending on the shipment charges. I am currently writing some new material for a second demo. I may turn into a more music-oriented direction, and abandon the vocals alltogether.

22 march 2004
The single is recorded. You can see the cover, and the hear the preview of the title track in the media section. Unfortunately i was not able to host the full song. The single will also contain an exclusive cover, which is already recorded, and mastered. Tomorrow i will start recording everything on cds, and printing the covers. Orders for this release can be sent to: tyvragen@yandex.ru

21 march 2004
I decided to release a single for the song "leipasuo". Due to some circumstances, it will have to be released on friday, march 26, 2004. due to this fact, the recording process will be rushed. There will be only one song on the disc. It is yet unknown in what format it will be released (tape, cd, or both). The cover is designed, however, it will not be unveiled until the official release date. You can pre-order this single by e-mailing me at tyvragen@yandex.ru

12 march 2004
HUGE UPDATE!!! I redesigned the site slightly. The art work, and final tracklist for the demo entitled Broken War is published. Check in the media section. The recording process started yesterday.

16 december 2003
Mark this day in your calenders! Today, at 11:50 am, something totally grim, kvlt, and tr00 happened. While you have been perhaps sleeping, or maybe working, I, the accepted Lord of the Dark, was giving the first-ever live show of the band TyvrageN. I have exposed the unsuspecting audience, to about a minute, of most brutal, most dark sound ever to be played inside the walls of the building called FHCI. The setlist for that historical event was as follows: The Hall of the Mountain King. Heres how the responsibilities were divided between band members: Gin: bass guitar; Lord of Darkness: tripping out the audience.

14 dec 2003
I finally got my lazy ass to start working on the first record. So far, the track list will look like that:
1) leypasuo
2) rise of burbot
3) ikonostasia
4) imbicilikus
5) mustum
as far as music writing goes, ill have to work on the guitar parts, and decide which songs will have lyrics, and which will just be instrumentals.

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